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IGB offers a wide range of engineering services and solutions that assure the compliance of your design with industry safety regulations.

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The latest development at IGB has been the upgrade of the Accelerated Lifetime Testing (ALT) program to include a Programmable Logic

Not Too Hot to Handle

Fire properties substantiation is more stringent than ever. IGB works with its clients to ensure flammability requirements are efficiently substantiated.

Quality Time

A four-year Quality Control project on trains sets to be used on Amsterdam’s latest metro extension —
the “Noord/Zuid Lijn”.

The Big "ONE - FIVE"

Since October 2019, we’ve been celebrating 15 years of being an incorporated business. But more important than the business’s form is its composition.

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Why choose IGB

Companies that commission us name several reasons to choose IGB including our short turnaround times, our attention to project details and our custom-built document management system.

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