IGB Industry Aerospace

An Eye for Efficiency and the Know-How to Deliver It

We advise and support the product certification process for airworthiness approval which includes all aspects of product certification up to and including the report for submission to the FAA and EASA.

Experience at your service

We have more than 50 years of collective industry experience in the certification of aircraft interiors, galleys, galley inserts and Cargo ULDs. We are proficient in and advise our clients on:

  • JAR/FAR requirements, both for new (TC) and modifications (STC) projects, involving all main commercial aircrafts from:
    • Airbus (A320, A330, A340, A380, A350) 
    • Boeing (B737, B757, B777, B787)
  • Communication with the various certifying authorities
  • Handling the vast range of airline-specific demands
  • Design and execution of HALTs

Engineering and Design Support

We provide engineering and design support to OEMs of aircraft interiors, galley inserts and Cargo ULDs.

Our expertise includes:

  • Interface Loads Analysis (preliminary and final)
  • Structural Substantiation or Static Test Plan
  • Test Witnessing
  • Sustained Engine Imbalance (Windmilling) Substantiation
  • Fire Properties Test Plan
  • EMI, FMEA, Environmental Report (based on supplied data) Acceptance Test Plan
  • Cooling Substantiation
  • Acoustic Substantiation


What an Engineering Manager said about working with IGB:

❝Without compromising the quality, IGB was able to deliver a high volume of stress reports within a very short lead time.❞