EcoFlow: a complete and flexible solution for managing and tracking all Engineering Change Orders (ECO) across multiple facilities.

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The EcoFlow program is a custom built application that manages all proposed product changes. It moves the ECO across all involved departments for evaluation and incorporation according to a determined flow. 

No More Paper

Before EcoFlow, all change information used to be printed on paper and kept in a binder, which passed from one engineer to another until completion. Finding out the status or detailed ECO information meant physically locating the binder to access the data. But no more...

Being all digital, retreving detailed ECO information is only a click away, while providing comprehensive overview of all proposed modifications, grouped per priority, department, status and open ECOs per user ("to-do" list).

Changes, but to Which Products?

The program searches which products are subject to the changes, and adds them to the list of modified products that must be presented to the certifying authorities. EcoFlow keeps track of all approvals (or rejections). After all modifications have been approved, the proposed changes can be released for production and installation.


A Team Effort with Specific Departmental Needs

Every processed ECO will be evaluated by the departments in their specific field of expertise. For each department node in the flow, a specific Data Card can be created where specific ECO information can be stored. The departments nodes can be linked in sequence or in parallel, resulting in shorter lead times.


The Flow and Data Card can be adapted in time. Current ECOs are processed in the current flow and cards while new ECOs are assigned to the new flow and cards. This way, EcoFlow evolves with your present needs while fully retaining the historic data.

No Orphans and Less Overhead

An owner is assigned to the ECO when it's created. From here on, the ECO is passed from department to department and user to user. Therefore, each ECO is managed by one user for the entire time the ECO is being processed. This built-in, self-steering process means that EcoFlow only needs to be monitored by management.

What Users are Saying about EcoFlow:

❝Incredible performance improvement with the last update❞
❝Surprizingly powerful functionality❞
❝The best ECO program seen implemented at a OEM❞