Project Data Management: Never miss data, always the right file found quickly.

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VB.NET MySQL Office, MsProjects API

A Good Foundation

The PDM system is the foundation supporting the engineering department. Not only should it be able to manage files and revisions, but also facilitate the flow of information, both inside the company (peer review) as well as outside (customer review and approval).

idtb flow

NDA is in our DNA

Our responsability towards our customers to ensure their specific knowledge remains exclusive for them has always been a high priority for us. By linking project data to a specific customer, and using our advanced communication module, we are able to ensure that only approved recipients can access to the data.

No Time to Waste and No Data Wasted

All data managed by the PDM system can be searched for using metadata, file tags, file name and/or location. Furthermore all data managed by PDM is indexed, making it possible to search for data content, making sure that data can be reused, instead of being re-created.