Why Choose IGB


Outsourcing is a matter of trust. So it is essential to find a partner who will take on your project and see it finished so your promises are kept. Even when it seems complex.

High Productivity via Digital Solutions

Our background is in industries where precision and efficiency are of the greatest importance.

We understand the difference between working fast and working smart. We value accuracy and the "Get-it-Right-the-First-Time" mentality. This means less revisions and revisals which save time and money.

Since the beginning, we have been designing tools and custom software to automate data-rich and complex engineering and analysis processes: from structural calculations to data and document management.

The Benefits

High productivity and value-added insights from our consultants translate into shorter lead times for your deliverables. During this process, you'll be working with experienced professionals who will do the head breaking work for you.

Practical & Proactive

All our consultants have an engineering degree with the relevant industry experience. They continuously apply themselves in unique and inspired ways to deliver their projects on time.

Matthijs van Barreveld

Matthijs van Barreveld

With his background in Airworthiness and Rolling Stock, Matthijs calls upon his expansive certification knowledge to create practical, cost-effective client solutions. He is also a quality inspector working on-site at the point of manufacture of rail transport systems.

Philippe Gouverneur

Philippe Gouverneur

As an experienced consultant to OEMs, Philippe advises on the certification of aircraft interiors, galleys and galley inserts (GAINS) and requirements (JAR/FAR) for Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Philippe also wrote the software for PDM and ECOFlow.

Rolf Plagmeijer

Rolf Plagmeijer

Rolf has the ability to master the toughest specifications and is our GAIN expert. His knowledge of environmental and fire properties requirements is an asset for anybody working with Rolf.

Anthony Choi

Anthony Choi

With a background in aerospace, Anthony is working on insert certification and ALT set-ups. He is extending his aviation engineering knowledge with Finite Element Analysis.

Joanne Matulis

Joanne Matulis

Admin & Communication. Joanne’s affinity for languages (she speaks 5 fluently) and background in the history of science has led her to writing for a technical audience.

Our References


Manufacturer of customized air cargo equipment.


World leader in aerospace equipment and systems on board commercial, regional and business aircraft as well as helicopters.

Collins Aerospace

Designs, develops, manufactures, sells and services a broad line of passenger cabin interior products for both commercial and general aviation aircraft.


DAMEN has more than 30 shipyards and related companies all over the world. We are involved in newbuilding as well as maintenance and repair activities.


Shunter is a specialist in the integral maintenance of (diesel) locomotives and freight wagons as well as provides support services for the operational aspects of rolling stock.


Connexxion is a leading operator in Dutch regional public transport. The company is a subsidiary of Transdev.

Bucher Leichtbau

The Bucher name stands for top quality products in aluminium technology for the aerospace and automobile industries.

Ministerie van Defensie

This department of the Dutch Ministry of Defense is responsible for all rolling stock of the military throughout the whole life-cycle: from purchasing and maintenance to selling or recycling.

Jet Aviation

Provides maintenance, completions and refurbishment, engineering, fixed base operations, along with aircraft management, charter services, aircraft sales and personnel services.

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