IGB Industry Maritime

Shipshape Reporting

IGB is your partner for verification and qualification of your design. We deliver quality Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations and univocal data reports made to your specific requirements.

These calculations are suited for design verification or certification purposes.

Design Verification

Failures in the test or utilization phase have a high impact on lead time and costs. FEM is an excellent way to verify the static and dynamic behavior of your geometrically complex designs at an early stage. We can also advise you when structural modifications are necessary. Whether it's a crane part or a complete aft deck structure, IGB is your partner.

Design Qualification

FEM can also be applied in order to qualify your design for authorities such as MCA or Lloyds. We are specialized in the delivery of high quality, univocal reporting that forms the basis of the certification approval. Our goal is to treat all product certification aspects and present the data in such a way that your product can swiftly be approved.

Design Optimization

IGB can also help you to optimize your design. Depending on your requirements, we can help to make your design stronger, lighter, even more resistant against vibrations.