IGB Industry Mechanical Engineering

Making Sure Your Design Delivers

IGB is your partner for verification and qualification of your design. We deliver quality Finite Element Modeling (FEM) calculations and univocal data reports made to your specific requirements. Our calculations are suited for design verification or certification needs.

Design Verification

Failures in the test or utilization phase impact lead times and costs. FEM is an excellent way to verify the static and dynamic behavior of your geometrically complex designs at an early stage.

Design Optimization

We can also help you to optimize your design. Depending on your requirements, we can help make your design stronger, lighter or more resistant against vibration.

Design Qualification

In many areas of industry, requirements for certification and qualifications as well as liability laws are getting more strict every year. IGB is experienced in FEM based certification for aerospace, pressurized vessels and maritime engineering - disciplines known for demanding requirements regarding reporting and calculations. FEM can be applied to qualify your design for the certifying authorities.

Our goal is to treat all product certification and qualification aspects and present the data in such a way that your product will be swiftly approved.