IGB Service Accelerated Life Time (ALT) Testing


Life-cycle testing simulates product usage within a condensed period of time under high-stress conditions in order to predict failures, suggest design improvements and determine best maintenance practices.

As advisors to both design and certification departments, we have recognized that significant gains could be made to the standard testing practices. The life-cycle testing of a product, such as door mechanisms, retaining devices or a waste bin flap, is an integral part of the design-to-production process, but we also consider the generated data from these tests as a valuable resource.

Early Warning System

We test using pneumatic actuators and stepper motors both controlled by a PLC. The test automatically halts when the parameters exceed a certain value indicating a product failure. With this “early warning system” in place, the ALT test will stop so that the test engineer can immediately determine the reason for the failure.

The advantages of this system are:

  • More accurate diagnostics
  • Quicker turn-around time with design changes/recommendations
  • Increased product reliability
  • All of these leading to decreased costs

Customer statement about ALT testing:

Compliments for the test set-up of the Bi-Folding door.