IGB Service Quality Control

Inspections Keep Rolling

IGB offers on-site quality inspections for your rolling stock. For small series, large series, during building or conversion, including FAIs and FATs. Our working methods will be adapted to suit your specific needs based on our experience with large and smaller manufacturers. Our inspections go beyond production quality; we also advise on possible improvements regarding functionality and maintainability.

  • Practical approach
  • Working together with all levels, therefore acceptance on work floor and with management
  • Communication: Direct when possible, diplomatic when necessary
  • Transparency
  • Possibilities to source and train local people for inspections once serial production is up and running
  • Traceability
  • Good sense for cultural differences

Design Review / Verification

With our practical approach, we can assist you with design reviews. We combine our practical background and theoretical knowledge to ensure usability and durability and compliance with the applicable regulations.

Admission Aid

We can supply you with high quality univocal documentation that forms the basis of the admission of your product or modification on rolling stock.

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