IGB Service Reporting

Delivering the Data in Uniform

Structural analysis and testing also require delivering the data to the certifying body by means of a report.

Our work is univocal, meaning that one consistent "voice" is being used so that the reader cannot identify a particular indivudual as its author. This style is more professional and representative which in turn makes it a more effective of means of communicating the findings.

We are also very experienced in consolidating and incorporating large volumes of data into the reports. We can create taylormade Style Templates, Layout Style Sets and Macros in, for example MS Word and Excel, to:

  • Import and export data
  • Standardize data tables
  • Standardize images
  • Standardize graphics

The results are:

  • Better tracing of documentation
  • Reduced manual entries
  • Identifying structural solutions
  • Quicker problem solving
  • Reducing overall lead times

Reports are written according to your specifications and we can advise you on the options available if you are unfamiliar with the optimum formatting and presentation.