2008 KLM Fleet Upgrade

This refurbishment helped to increase passenger comfort and improved environmental performance of the airplanes. IGB assisted in the certification of interior monuments.

aircraft type Boeing B737-700,
McDonnell Douglas MD-11

analysis FEA, Structural Substantiation

object Stowages & Galleys

The Air France KLM group upgraded its fleet in order to improve the quality of service, while reducing operating costs and optimizing environmental performance.

This upgrade consisted of seven new Next Generation B737-700s as well as exterior and interior modernization of its current fleet. IGB was asked to perform structural substantiation for stowages and galleys in the new Boeings while working in close contact with both the airplane and galley manufacturers.

Teleconferences and Webex-meetings with Boeing and our client were essential during this time-critical project. Through these communication tools, it was possible to brainstorm and to share ideas instantly, thereby reducing response times on actionable items.

As well, IGB contributed to the fresher and more modern interior of the existing fleet by providing certification support on the modification of existing monuments in the MD-11’s.

For both types of planes, several configurations of the FEA models had been evaluated and discussed in order to have the best possible correlation between the theoretical FEA models and the tested monument. For this purpose, linear contact analyses were performed for predicting the load share between adjacent monuments.

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