A Heavy-Duty Lightweight

IGB was commissioned to analyze specialized interior parts that are exclusively used during these Ferry Flights.

aircraft type Airbus A380-800

analysis FEA, Windmilling, Interface Loads, Structural Substantiation

object Ferry Flight Staircase

The A380-800 Ferry Flight is from Toulouse to Hamburg

The Ferry Flight cockpit stairs

Transport case for the stairs

As a result of its international manufacturing process, the Airbus A380 must fly across European skies before being delivered. The airframe is assembled in Toulouse, France where system tests are also performed. Then the aircraft flies to Hamburg, Germany the for cabin installation and painting. Known as the Ferry Flight, technicians are present in the stripped fuselage thereby potentially being subjected to health and safety risks while working in the air.

Safe Cockpit Access

Due to the A380 deck configuration, with an upper and lower deck, a stair case is needed for access to the cockpit, which is located between both decks.

IGB has helped with the structural substantiation of the Cockpit Stairs, analyzing the lightweight aluminum construction subjected to the flight and landing loads, emergency conditions and abuse loads. The structural substantiation was done by analysis, eliminating the need for the (costly and time consuming) structural static tests.

Fatigue Resistant

Furthermore, the FEA model was also used to prove the stair case’s ability to cope with the static and fatigue SEI (Sustained Engine Imbalance or “windmilling”) requirements, by means of Modal Effective Mass Fraction analysis for determination of the relevant natural frequencies.

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