Broad Scope, Narrow Time Frame

These seemingly conflicting ingredients required an innovative approach. Thanks to IGB's unique ModelSource software, the job was done on time, without problems, and with all incorporated design changes.

Manufacturers of First Class and Business Class units such as lounges, bar units and credenzas, know that rigorous requirements apply for their product’s design and finish. In this demanding market it is more important than ever to have a reliable partner for certification. This partner does not only need to be familiar with the specific requirements for this kind of equipment, but it also needs to be flexible enough to deal with changes of design and/or specification during the project.

That’s why a partner was found in IGB for this interior project. The complete certification consisted of the following:

  • Interface loads analysis
  • Structural substantiation static
  • Structural substantiation dynamic (windmilling)
  • Fitting substantiation
  • Acceptance substantiation
  • Failure mode and effect analysis on the electrical system
  • Fire properties substantiation

For the fire properties substantiation, we added an extra tool to IGB ModelSource. With this application, we were able to respond almost instantly on configuration changes during the project. This resulted in a substantial reduction of lead time and costs.

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