First Class Certification

IGB advises in the First Class configuration of the Airbus A330-200.

aircraft type Airbus A330-200

analysis Structural, Fire, EMI & FMEA certification

object Credenza

The monument consisted of honeycomb panels which form the structure that accommodates a folding table, footrest, sliding personal wall and several other compartments. The design included provisions for video screens, in-flight entertainment and electric seat controllers.

The project consisted of structural and fire certification. It also included EMI and FMEA certification for which we procured data from the different sub-contractors and suppliers. By going directly to the data source we reduced the turn-around time on the submission of the documentation.

IGB identified the critical loads and generated the structural test plan with this information, reducing the required tests to a minimum. The test loads were applied to the unit through whiffles connected to a hydraulic cylinder. The type and location of each whiffle was generated by IGB’s ModelSource tool.

The 9.0 G static test with Airbus witness.

Design Changes

IGB also made some detailed FEA calculations in order to certify post-installation modifications without necessitating extra static tests.

The modifications included the addition of access and inspection holes in a structural load carrying honeycomb panel. With the FEA detail calculations, IGB was able to show the effects of the modifications and advise on the required reinforcements. Based on this data, the customer could avoid extra static testing.

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