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The new airliners raise the standards in safety, reliability and interchangeability of component parts meaning increased complexity in the certification of GAINs.

Nonetheless, as our experience with the Airbus A380 and A350 as well as Boeing’s B787 and B747i can attest, increasing requirements in product certification do not mean longer lead times.

For B/E Aerospace, one of the world’s leading galley insert equipment manufacturer, IGB provides certification support for their latest models of Steam and Convection Ovens, Bun Warmers as well as First Class Sandwich Presses and Toasters.

Certification aspects for these high quality products include:

Structural / Mechanical Properties
Shock & Vibration
Fire Properties
External Temperature
Acoustic Requirements

Power Quality
Electromagnetic Interference
Reliability & Safety Assessment
Pressure Tests
Test Witnessing

Environmental Properties according to the latest RTCA DO-160, Airbus and Boeing specifications

Most of these activities are carried out on our premises and status updates by regular on-site working visits and progress reports.

The commercial interest in these Next Generation Aircrafts have never been so great, as shown by the logged orders prior to the roll-out*.

With this unprecedented customer demand and strict delivery lead times, certification delays can cost dearly: in terms of time and money. Knowing this, IGB has always been in the forefront of the safety & certification requirements in the industry.

Having been commissioned by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) supplying both Airbus and Boeing, IGB is prepared to handle the increased requirements towards which the industry has been heading.

* The first 787 was unveiled in a roll-out ceremony on July 8, 2007 at Boeing’s Everett assembly factory, by which time the aircraft had 677 on order; this is more orders from launch to roll-out than any previous wide-body airliner. By October 2014, the 787 program had logged 1,054 orders from 58 customers.[source : wikipedia]

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