Lean on Me: Temporary A380 Handrails

IGB was commissioned to analyze specialized interior parts that are exclusively used during the Ferry Flights.

As a result of its international manufacturing process, the Airbus A380 must fly across European skies before being delivered. The airframe is assembled in Toulouse, France where system tests are also performed.

Then the aircraft flies to Hamburg, Germany the for cabin installation and painting. Known as the Ferry Flight, technicians are present in the stripped fuselage thereby potentially being subjected to health and safety risks while working in the air.

In 2006 an air cargo manufacturer requested IGB to certify and perform design optimization for handrails used in the unfinished interior of the A380 aircraft.

In conjunction with the customer while maintaining close contact with Airbus, we assisted with the certification and design optimization of this 45-meter long handrail.

The scope of work included windmilling and extra-stringent abuse loads requirements. This all-metal construction was certified without testing. Thanks to our non-linear static finite element analysis, time and (static) testing costs were significantly reduced.

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