Tested for Extreme & “Spartan” Conditions

A first for IGB in 2005: the complete certification package according to RTCA DO-160D on Alenia’s latest military transport aircraft.

aircraft type Alenia C27-J Spartan

analysis Interface Loads,
Fire Properties /
Fire Containment,
Structural Substantiation

object Equipped Galley

The (standard) galley and equipment of the “Spartan” had to comply with the environmental requirements according to RTCA DO-160D C2 category.

The stipulated conditions posed a challenge since the required operational temperature had to be in the of range -55°C to +70°C. Such a low minimum temperature is an unusual requirement for the testing of this type of equipment.

With the cooperation of the Dutch Aero and Space Laboratory (NLR), the following tests were performed according to the RTCA DO-160D test requirements:

  • Altitude (35,000 ft with an air pressure of 240 mbar.)
  • Temperature (Operational and Variation)
  • Humidity
  • External Contamination (Fluid susceptibility)
  • Shock and Vibration Tests (see picture below), including determining the required frame with FEA calculations
  • Salt Spray Tests

20.0 G Static Testing

Due to the extreme operational temperature range, the problem was approached differently. With the data from material sample testing at the required operational temperatures, we analyzed how the material and the adhesive interacted. Based on this behavior we could determine an over-test factor for testing at room temperature. As a result, the static tests were performed at 20.0 G at room temperature instead of 9.0 G.

We applied FEA calculations to design the special frame for the vibration test ensuring that this test could be performed without any problems.

Due to our preliminary analysis, the static test was also performed with no unpleasant surprises. Although in the past galley manufacturers have not generally subjected their products to environmental testing, the trend seems to be changing.

Here at IGB we see more and more that, along with product life-cycle testing, compliance with this type of requirement needs to be demonstrated.

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