Pressure Going Overboard?

With years of experience in airworthiness, IGB’s experience in finite element analysis had been requested for a client active in the maritime industry.

The object in question was a Man Overboard (MOB) crane used in the deployment of emergency lifeboats on seagoing vessels.

As a part of the IMO* Life-Saving Appliance Code, the bearing load in the telescopic boom required a specific analysis for its certification.

The mating surfaces of the crane’s two telescoping sections were under scrutiny. Since these stresses could not be analyzed by a simple hand calculation, IGB was approached to perform a finite element analysis.

The use of Gap elements was necessary to derive the occurring stresses. Based on these results, design recommendations were provided for the crane’s construction that would satisfy the approval authorities.

Courtesy of 2ME Engineering, NL

* IMO: International Maritime Organization.

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