FEA: #Crunching with a Twist

Contrary to what the sales reps say, there's more involved in FEA than entering numbers in the software.

Any Finite Element Analysis (FEA) calculation must be “prepared” to have the right mix of result accuracy and calculation performance. This planning process requires knowledge of general mechanics, FEA elements capabilities and common sense. Despite the availability of premium software functions, as many FEA engineers will agree, sometimes more is actually less.

A balance exists between high-quality results and affordability. An expensive solution may seem impressive, but once purchased and in use, it may prove to be over the top.

With more than a decade of practical FEA experience, IGB has compiled its collective knowledge into comprehensive working instructions. These documents are incorporated in our in-house quality system and are used to train our (new) engineers. As well, they form the basis for a practical FEA training course.

This external course has been specifically tailored for our customers and our software supplier, Femto*. The three-day course demonstrates both the benefits and pitfalls of FEA software. Furthermore, the participants learn to plan the calculations and most importantly, how to evaluate the results.

* Femto is CAE partner of Siemens PLM Software regarding FEMAP and NX Nastran

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