Certification on Track

With IGB’s help, the Protos trains can run in multiple unit operation and at the designed top speed of 160 km/h.

The new Protos trains for the so called “Valleilijn” have been in service since the end of 2007 with provisional approval of the Dutch railway authorities.

This admission was for a limited time only and included certain limitations regarding the allowable maximum speed and did not include multiple unit operation.

IGB provided assistance in order to obtain final approval for the Protos trains. Additional substantiation documentation was obtained from (sub-)suppliers such as the manufacturer of the driving gear, the German TÜV and the university of Berlin. Also, other documentation such as test plans was generated by IGB.

This documentation was checked and submitted to the Notified Body (Lloyd’s Register Rail Europe). The documents were reviewed and where necessary, additional information was requested from the suppliers. Also several tests on the trains were performed.

With documents in order, the final approval was issued for service in multiple unit operation and for the design speed of 160 km/h.

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