Keeping the Data Train on Track

Working on-site since the end of 2015, IGB consultants have been consolidating a large volume of data from the recently delivered metro units in order to create high-level and practical reporting tools.

This assignment resulted from previous collaborative projects with GVB (in partnership with RMC). The Amsterdam public transport authority was looking for a team who would record and provide reporting on malfunctions and defects occurring in their newly delivered metro units.

Working in the Rail Traffic Control Center, each defect is registered using telemetry and radio contact with first-line contacts (the drivers) to complete the data set.

At the end of the workday, individual reports are sent automatically to the departments involved.

The advantages are:

  • Quicker resolution of malfunctions and guarantee claims
  • Tracing the source of malfunctions and suggesting structural solution
  • Reducing out-of-service times of the defective metro units

In this assignment, IGB has combined technical know-how, flexibility and data management in order to provide customized reporting to suit the client’s needs.

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