Quality Time – QC on Amsterdam’s Metro Trains

IGB built its reputation for engineering knowledge and efficient certification pathways for aircraft interiors. But did you know that this expertise is also applied to Quality Control (QC) for rail and mass transit manufacturing?

The Amsterdam Metro will be extending its service with the completion of the new “Noord/ Zuidlijn” to be completed in 2017. This new subway line will connect Amsterdam North, run under the river IJ and the heart of city to the business quarter in the southern end of the city. The public transit operator GVB commissioned new and replacement rolling stock, an order estimated at €250 million for 28 six-car train sets.

On the GVB’s behalf, Matthijs van Barreveld was the QC representative in the workshop during this four-year project. From prototyping to the final inspection of the finished trains, he performed Quality Control at the various Alstom Metropolis manufacturing sites in Europe.

From the onset, he worked with the customer and the manufacturer to establish the quality standards and requirements while the prototype was being built in France. During this phase, potential problems or “hold points” in the design were identified to the project team.

These improvements were then implemented and documented before the serial production of the train sets moved to Katowice, Poland. At the time of publishing, the last Amsterdam metro has been delivered; and currently this plant is tooling-up for the production of 69 Metropolis Driverless System trains destined for the new metro network for the city of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Critical Visual Inspection

Matthijs was regularly on-site in Katowice during the fabrication to ensure the finished product met the established quality standards. He combines his structural engineering knowledge and years of inspection experience to serve the client’s best interests.

This means that he provides useful input and practical and cost-effective solutions when things do not go according to spec. Using this Quality Control approach involving client and manufacturer helps to safeguard that rolling stock that will be delivered on time.

This project was a collaboration with Rail Materieel Consult.

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