Traceability and Transparency

IGB helped a Dutch operator streamline their repair procedures which lead to an improved turn-around time on approvals.

The new regulations (2005) prescribed that an information file shall be compiled with every structural repair on the train’s under frame or bodyshell. This file is to be approved by one of the five notified bodies appointed by the Dutch Authorities.

A company specialized in locomotive maintenance and overhaul requested IGB’s assistance to establish the complete documentation of their collision repair process.

In cooperation with the customer, a complete set of procedures was compiled in order to manage the repair process in a standard and verifiable manner. To achieve this, several meetings with the notified bodies were arranged and previously occurred damage incidents were analyzed. Based on this review, the procedures were classified and integrated in the customer’s ERP system* for universal access throughout the organization.

Furthermore, IGB assisted during actual repairs with project management and improving damage assessment methods. A FEA analysis was created in order to visualize deformations of the locomotive’s underframe. This analysis was also applied in order to determine if under frame lay-up methods are acceptable.

The customer now possesses a flexible, universal and 100% traceable working method for the repair of structural damage to locomotives.

*ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning; the automated registration of logistic, administrative and financial business processes within one company-wide information management application.

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